Soul of Design is dedicated to turning ideas into products.

Developing a product is a challenge, requiring perseverance, creativity and knowledge. The risks are numerous, coming from competitors, ever-changing regulations, tenuous supply chains, and shifting market dynamics.

Soul of Design’s Consultants have the knowledge and the hard-earned experience to mitigate risks and streamline the launch of products into the marketplace.


Soul of Design has the ability to see problems clearly and identify solutions to those problems. They are detail oriented and well organized. They were an invaluable asset to our migration.- Turbo Machinery Consulting and Design Firm
Soul of design is adept at managing large and small high profile technical development programs, with the ability to see the big picture while still managing to stay on top of the details - it's amazing. - Government Program Manager - Technology Development Firm
Soul of Design is thorough and organized in its project management. Its ability to combine the technical and commercial goals makes them an excellent candidate for cost conscious migration projects. It would be a pleasure to work with SOD again in future projects.- Technology Sales Manager - Materials Research Firm