Brainstorming Guidelines for Product Development


​Brainstorm your way to a creative design

Brainstorming is great to generate creative ideas for product development. 

Here are some guidelines for conducting a successful brainstorming session:

  1. Define the design issue or requirement: At the beginning, clearly define the issue or requirement and display throughout the brainstorming session, this focuses participants and prevents diverging onto tangents.
  2. Invite a cross function group: Invite people from different disciplines, experiences, and perspectives, this fosters dynamic and creative ideas and encourages innovative thinking.
  3. Avoid negatively critiquing ideas: the brainstorming is to generate ideas, not to decide which ideas best, instead encourage creative and “out of the box” ideas and for participants to build on others’ ideas.
  4. Start with individual ideation: Allow participants to generate their own ideas individually before sharing them with the group. This is commonly done using sticky notes or index cards.
  5. Share ideas: Have each participant share their ideas with the group. Encourage others to build the ideas and ask questions for clarification.
  6. Capture all ideas: Capture the ideas on a whiteboard, flip chart, or digital document allowing everyone to see the ideas, encouraging discussion and preventing duplication.
  7. Group and categorize ideas: Group and categorize similar ideas, review and identify common themes and patterns.
  8. Follow-up and implementation: Determine next steps, assess ideas and their potential, and create an implementation strategy.


The goal of a brainstorming session is to generate many new ideas, so encourage wild and crazy ideas and avoid critiquing ideas, be sure to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas.

Soul of Design has the knowledge and hard-earned experience to transform a company’s product development process from a liability into a competitive advantage.

Optimizing Product Development

Soul of Design can overhaul entire product development processes or focus on specific areas for improvement.

We appreciate the nuances of a company’s design processes and have the experience and understanding of CAD systems and data management systems (PDM /PLM) to implement industry best design standards.

Product Data Management / Product Lifecycle Management

Optimized engineering data management solutions for improved times to market and significant returns on investment (ROI).

Hardware Libraries

Hardware libraries defined to industry specifications and optimized for a product’s environment, improving quality and reducing costs.

Standardized CAD Design

Coordinated CAD design strategies, creating robust designs and eliminating time-consuming troubleshooting.

Materials Libraries

Material libraries with specifications for a products most extreme environments, increasing product durability.

Product Development is a Rapid, Dynamic, and Challenging Process

Improperly governed and ad-hoc product development processes quickly become chaotic, resulting in unending damage control, lost creative ideas, poor quality, and late product releases.

Organizational Change

Soul of Design details the product development process and provides examples tailored to the unique product development process, so the process is intuitive with a sanctioned path to satisfy design requirements.
Soul of Design has the ability to see problems clearly and identify solutions to those problems. They are detail oriented and well organized. They were an invaluable asset to our migration.

– Turbo Machinery Consulting and Design Firm

Soul of design is adept at managing large and small high profile technical development programs, with the ability to see the big picture while still managing to stay on top of the details – it’s amazing.

 – Government Program Manager, Technology Development Firm

Soul of Design is thorough and organized in its project management. Its ability to combine the technical and commercial goals makes them an excellent candidate for cost conscious migration projects. It would be a pleasure to work with SOD again in future projects.

– Technology Sales Manager – Materials Research Firm

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